The Concil of the Branch

Those which will follow have decided for themself that the beauty should be for a long time.

At the beginning there is the child, and the bound between the mother and him is the first link in the order of the world but she transmits the spirit of the vater.

There are three trees on the earth and they belong to the branch of one of them, the tree of the white races. Their kind is to bring the beauty in the middle of them to the futur. Specialy in the middle of a crow of branches should they keep they blod cleanly, therefore, the land there belongs to them alone.

That their deeds are higher and their women more beautiful is seen not only by them. They are despised, when they ly and when there is no arian childs to speak out:“The deep of the world fed our longing and also our superstition, that leaves fall and continu to live. The reason cannot see the eternal, but that we are not equal to others, because we know about the destiny of the races.“