The Tree and the Wheel

Every wheel turns and departs from time to time so that a tree is drawn. Depending how late their ways separat, every three branches are ordered so that if the first is nearer to the second than to the third then the second is also nearer to the first and if one is equaly distant from the two others then this two are nearer each other than to the first. The tree is unequal because in most cases their is today someone nearer yet to thos leaving in the future which are the closest to oneself.

The world in with our folks grow up is uncreated and the knowledge about was what mark them out. They had ideals that they must always prove. Holly was for them the band between ideal and reality.

The one want that the will overcome unequality, the others saw that the will itself was unequaly reparted. Therefore the band torns and it came to the first war without purpose. Then there should be a contract between the three; two of better will for one of less. But the will goes to semblance and they did not know if it could be renewed. Therefore every one should freely choose who was close enought to him so to delegate from his futur. But this describe that what always had been and that there was senseless wars for that they understand that the band must also be in the word.

The branch grow up to the sky toward the sun and the stars, that their sky ever turns, but dark clouds drew in.

The truths are ideas that brings people together and that direct what they do. The lies, that the men become alone, are also reality so that it can be lie or thrue. There was others which believe is that the world was created and so there exists two worlds and the alliance between the reality to the a god in an other world. To the thrue and the lie in this world come the thrue and the lie in the other world. Our essence is the near and the far because there could not be a band whitout and theirs is the equal and the unequal because without it could not be two worlds and an alliance. They want to destroy us by writing equal and unequal where was nearness and distance so that we can't find out anymore who was close to us. Many of us believe in the thrue of the other world but saw the futur and this world. They were the people of an alliance between ideal, reality and utopie.

If they take an alien spirit in them, we give them our blod and our words so that the band remains with them.

The one which tend more to the thrue in the other world get the skill of seduction because they could change between three point of view and withdraw from the measure of things. You, which abide to the old believes saw in the middle of the things the fullness of the world and testify that there were only one world. Like the thrue that doesn't like much to look at itself so will the will stay free. But the reality is necessity and practicality. They is no freedom in the chance, no in the outside condition and no by birth. Therefore this must be annouce; the answer was given by the science and the message is the sens of the tree and the wheel: The will engender the thrue. The brotherliness engender the will. The source of the brotherliness is that the community separate and that all the one abide where the other disapear; therefore the fraternity will quit and the will dry up there where the world comes together. So it belongs to or Verities that we keep from our will and bring it there, where it can rise again. And this also; The reason why the will could know about his source is the curiousity because it is his nature to considere that what it doesn't know and so it does when there is no more use to explain.

They will be free again and chose which whom they share they futur. They will ever bear the will to eternity written in their race.