Even if it can only be partialy retraced the descent of every men is unequivocaly given and is bound in a net of relationship that thicken in twigs and ramify. This twigs are called races or, what is the same, near and far kinship or the bodily home and exists even without time and space determination. Several races form a nation when they are one another nearer than to any others. Staats comprise races and can overlap or include. A nation state comprises a nation which on turn can embrace other nations states.

A politician act for his own purpose of for the preservation of his race but take action in the circle of the staat and must give account to the other races. One act on behalf of someone if he is favored or an other placed at disadvantage if it bring profit. When the world is in balance the first is better because where two contend it is best for the third; that is the way peace goes. In a nationstate all and sundry are the next possible relatives what on the long range serve the public spirit and so the peace.

A many nation state is created when the nation state is changed so that it include a part of an other state. If a nation on the same condition have a higher population grow it will try to assimilate the two state. The other depends on a double polity. In this connection one can find the reason of the unbalenced sexual attraktiveness of individual of different races. The politic is more antipodal. Birth control and speak for race mixing on the one, population grow and not mixing on the other side. The message are split depending on the public it is adressed or adapted to the manipulated cultural environnement so that it is perceived in accordance.

The politician use the cultural environement to act psychicaly or physicaly on people. He will advise the nation he act on behalve so to strength his existence, that is his prospect of descendancy, while for others he will condemn the same as dangerous and unimportant at the same time. He will state that it is not the existence of the race or not which matter but the way one look at. Depending on condition the conception is valued as good-natured or malignant in which case two alternative to the interpretation of the race is proposed. The religious is when the Mental is considered separated from the Body and could live in an divine eternity. The atheistical is that on deads that impress the cultur outlive oneself. It presuppose that the course of cultur and history never change.

To that the striving to kinsmanlike bound is oriented on nationalism and egalitarism. The nationalism, in the meaning of an uprooted nationalism, confuse state and nation and serve the cohesion of a many nation state which carry his contradiction outside for not to be alone without futur. It falsify his history and bear in it the civil war, where stranger each to an other ally against they kinsman.

The egalitarism rest on a metaphysik of overcoming the human natur by means of reason. But the reason cannot overcome the unequality since a contract is needed therefor. A contract is between two and a third in implicitly put aside but at the same time is witness and a possible party in case of a contract breach. If a contract needs at least three parties it cannot again tie up all persons individualy having equal rights since coalition, which purpose is to give an advantage to his members, cannot be avoided because there is no arbitrator and the individual which would try to act against would be in disadvantage already to the one which simply keep out. The winner at the end, is the one who is not the one he seems to be.

There is no truth which name is surviving, since it would be bringing together means and purpose. If the beauty of our women express her will of live, so not because we gave ours to them but because we want it to stay.

There is no last reason but the be is or not. The will, reason, loyalty, the ability of compensation could only be explain by evolutionary prosess which angage the splitting in races, so that all this is unknown to the gregarious animals. This attribute are bound to the inborn and can be loose by selection but cannot again and again be groom from new. If there must be a last race, also she will consume herself and die. But what is truth in a limited space is not in the infinite width where the distance cannot be overcome since there where the men will spread in tausend races, for the tausend death there will be some of great beauty which stay and with them all the animals and the plants on earth.

In a time where the white races are in demographic fall and there is no place to retreat one would exspect support from the chirches the more so as they grow on there soils. They and their secularization seems on the contrary to burden on them all the weight of the world and at the same time charge those who care for them of all evil while for others they understand the blessing of the bodily home and even emphasize it. They are mesured with a peace that concists of utopie and a today without tomorrow. This peace is not theirs.

But maybe, after all, it does not suit theirs manner so bad that they must take their race to them, where they should have no more past, more with means of reason and exemple from the nature. When they then read their history in the traits of a child they knew that some memories are inextinguishable and there hope of the reborn of their faith will never be lose. In the book it must have been written an other way. In the long chain of birth it is not given to someone to break his link and to take the sens of the world.