Trying to absolve the human from the nature throught raison is nothing new. The nihilism comes from the insight or the presentiment that it does not work. In an in all things immanent world the question of the sustainability is answered by the tri functionality. The priest is gardian of the eternity and his realm is the spirituality. The ruler is served by his soldiers. The why gets its answer from the testimony of the people and in the beauty and the mildness of its women. The ruler serves the people and its priests, the culture conveys his power. The spirituality needs the physicality of the individual to be perceveid, and the race carries the hope of eternity. The rule is the interdiction of race mixing. From the evolutionary theory springs a teleology, which repeals the trifunctionality in the manner of the white man. The why as well as the question of eternity is now by the peoples themselves, by man an women alike. It results a metaphysic which run ahead to the war as ultima ratio. The world fall in chaos. It is now know with certainty, that this teleology is a fallacy, and nothing impedes the reestablishment of the order.