Necessity and suitableness

Models are derived from concrete appearance and proceedings and are used for theoretical views. The model of beeing of an material agregat is the last point, the las moment of a web of passed physical necessities. The inspection of the proprieties of a material agregat presupose his beeing. His beeing is before his proprieties even when these are related to his constancy and return to it. An object that duplicate itself can be view in one way more. It can , every time for the first, be create spontanous or it can be the reproduction of itself. The view of his creation is similar to the one of his propriety. But also the other way, if he had come from a duplication the spontan creation can be seen on him, because he is equal to the first one. Objects that duplicate themself have so two models, a dual form of beeing, the spontanous and the necesserly. In the context of self reproduction suitableness is an other word for necessity.