2009-06-18, 2007-09-26

Rise of Life

Perhaps the rise of a being wich reflect about his origine is not extraordinary under similar physical environement to the one on earth. If not there is one or more evolutive steps that can be owe to a great chance. From the anorganic chemical compound to the first one cell organism or from him to sexued live for instance. The probability of his existence on a planet on the whole is not the one of his rise on earth but the add up of thus from all similars planets in the Univers.

If the number of planets is known then this probability could be estimated. But, if there could be univers others than ours or if the time is not limited we have no possibility to estimate the probability of his rise and so to find it to low to exclude chance.

The likelihood of one particular living being can hardly be estimated but this is also true for all real occurence. Even if the detail of an occurence is given a limit and not necessity but the chance grap on it his probability can be set down under every value by going back in time and the chain of causality. Much more the probability of an occurence is the add up of evenement that match a previous description.

If this description is one of our species or simular to it we would not know how much it should be allowed to differ. This problem comes also when trying to define life in general. One solution is to take someone and what he would designate as been live as reference while fixing the room in which he will be conducted to make his decision.

Generaly it is impossible to experience improbable events even if in an assumed infinite space they must occur. Regarding our origin it is different because this events determine the place of our perception. A practicable use of this fact is that events that are outside our origin must alway be explicable but not necessarly those on our lieneal descent where there could be miracle. The proof of a miracle mean, on the turn that it has determined our be.

It remains the question if live can actually be marked in advance, like a structure which improbability is given by his sole geometry or is more like to those things that are not improbable by themself but only when they occure twice. By chance we don't need to answer all this questions and to know the intimate nature of logic or natural law to understand the world. Even if the life is certainly in no parts outside nature and logic, there is something particular in the way we understand it. There is something attached to it that we wouldn't connect immediatly with mathematics or natural laws, the suitableness of his form.